Fall Walk

Before I start this post, I just wanted to mention that, due to some recent events, such as a substantial repair done on my truck, the price of gas, and the fact that I will be moving shortly, I may have to put the Exploring Beyond ideas on the backburner for a while. However, they are still on my to do list, so their time will come.

Today I took a walk with my camera to have a look at the fall colours and see how they are coming along. I would say that they are approaching maximum volume right about now. There aren’t too many on the ground yet, so that’s a good sign too. Have a look as I walk along one of my regular routes on this bright sunny day.

This is what I see when I’m walking into town from my place. Not a bad view already.

This is a walkway that goes down a hill to give access to the now defunct Algo Mall. It doesn’t get used all the much anymore, but I always come this way. The railing is meant for the winter, and if you’ve even gone down this way in winter, you will know exactly why it’s there.

The Algo Mall is just an abandoned relic now. It’s an eyesore amongst the fall colours. The city has also condemned another structure in the downtown area just last week. Elliot Lake is disintegrating.

As I walk down towards Horne Lake, the colours become more evident.

I’m now walking along Hwy 108, which is the only highway in the Elliot Lake area.

Further along Hwy 108, you can see Beaver Mountain, right in the center here.

Now I’m walking in on Milliken Mine Rd.

I turned in to the Sherriff Creek Sanctuary and hiking trails.

Headed down part of the trail in the Sherriff Creek Sanctuary.

Lots of colour in here.

Crossing one of the bridges.

A short side trail.

The trail continues.

Wait a minute, I think I know that guy.

A bird watching shelter at Sherriff Creek.

More Sherriff colours.

Back out on Milliken Mine Rd.

Now on to an ATV trail.

A smaller side trail.

This is where that small side trail leads to.

Hydro lines heading towards Beaver Mountain.

More colours along an ATV trail.

Looking up on the ATV trail.

The trail continues. Any Bars in there?

Back at Horne Lake.

A trail going down to Horne Lake.

Another trail going down to Horne Lake.

All kinds of colours around here.

At this point I was getting close to town again, so I headed over to Timmies for a coffee and muffin, and then to a small parkette along Hwy 108 to enjoy them.

You shouldn’t be too tired after that walk, it was only 10kms.

I have it in my mind to get up early tomorrow morning and do a circumnavigation of Elliot Lake. I haven’t paddled Elliot Lake yet and tomorrow is supposed to be a nice calm day. This would be a 20km paddle so, if I do it, it will be the longest one day paddle I’ve done yet. We’ll see how things are when I wake up in the morning.


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