Quirke Meeeee! This is a Big Lake

Once again, I arrived at the Quirke Lake boat launch, but this time I was ready for action, since I had all my kayaking equipment with me. It was very early, in fact, it was still pitch black as I was driving along Stanrock Rd. and to make matters worse, it was really foggy. Never let it be said that I give up easy when there’s something that I want to do.

Even though it was around 7am, I had to sit in the truck for a while for things to brighten up a bit, before I got underway. I had given the starter in the truck a good workout the day before, so I wasn’t the least bit concerned about it not starting again, in the same place. My mechanic did a great job on it, even replacing the terminals on my battery with news ones, and coating them with anti-corrosion stuff, which is something I never even asked him to do. No more Canadian Tire for me.

After about fifteen or twenty minutes, I got the kayak set up and headed out for some exploring on Quirke Lake.

As I paddled into the mist, across a channel to the other shoreline, there were fish rising to the surface of the glass calm water. At this point, I couldn’t really see anything except for the shoreline that I was close to, so I used that to navigate my way along for a while.

I turned around to catch the sun rising through the mist, on what was to be a cool but very sunny day.

Once the sun came up, the mist started to clear quickly, and reveal more of what was ahead.

I had checked the map before I left, so I did have an idea of where I wanted to go today.

My route took me past a huge rock face called Rooster Rock, which was an amazing experience. Believe me, it’s bigger in person than it looks in the video.

This was actually the highlight of the trip, even though I did enjoy the whole paddle. Quirke Lake is in an extremely rugged area, not only on land, but also under the water, which was very clear, so I was able to see the huge boulders that littered the lake, especially close to the shoreline.

Signs of mining activity could be seen, both literally and figuratively, along the shoreline.

As I made my way around this huge peninsula, I came across an island, which looked a bit on the rocky and rugged side. From this point, I turned toward a more wilderness side of the lake, and away from the cottages on the west shoreline.

I paddled farther along and eventually came to a smaller island. Here I will give you a lesson in indecision. Just listen to my commentary.

It ended up that I did go out to that island, and here is the result.

So far, I wasn’t too impressed with the island camping possibilities. This whole area is much different from the other lakes I’ve explored. There are very few places that would make good landing points on the islands or the main shoreline.

I continued on my way until I reached another island and I decided I was going to land on this one, because I was about halfway through my intended route and I was getting hungry.

Anyway, I was, again, unimpressed with this island, so I had something to eat and moved on, heading back the way that I had come.

There’s no doubt that Quirke Lake is a very scenic lake, and I can see why the cottagers might like it.

But the lake is too big for my tastes, and the landscape, although beautiful, is very uninviting to camp on, or even land on, and that goes for both the mainland and the islands.

I probably won’t be back too soon to do any more kayaking in Quirke Lake. There are too many other lakes in the area that I find to be much more appealing. However, I will be back to do some hiking around this lake, and into the mine sites. I especially want to find the trail that goes to the top of Rooster Rock, it should be amazing up there.

Trip length: 15kms


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  1. Nice pictures NP.


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