Stanrock Rd. Return to the Scene of the Crime.

Just yesterday, I was left stranded at the boat launch at Quirke Lake on Stanrock Rd. I’m back today, with a new starter in my truck, to finish the exploratory trip along Stanrock Rd.

Stanrock Rd. actually sounds like something out of the Flintstones, but it is another mine site access road. There are a number of mine sites along this road and I will visit some of them today, to see what hiking or biking opportunities may exist.

For one thing, as I mentioned in my last post, Stanrock Rd. is a good, wide gravel road all the way down. There are cottages along this road, so that’s probably why they keep it in such good shape. In fact, as I was exploring here today, there was a grader working on the road.

As with most roads that go into the bush around here, there are many smaller bush roads that go off in all directions from Stanrock Rd. Not all of them are mine access roads, since some of the areas around here are not owned by the mines. There is a lot of Crown Land along the road too.

The first really noticeable landmark I came across was this;

This wall was about 30 feet high and very long. I did find the end of it further on, and I was able to get up on top of it for a walk.

I mentioned in one of the videos that these were mine tailings. I’m not really sure if that’s true though. The tailings are usually kept under water, to prevent radiation escaping into the air. I believe that this structure may have been built out of crushed rocks from the mine sites, to create a dam for preventing contaminated water from entering the surrounding environment.

After I checked this out a bit, I continued along Stanrock Rd. as far as I could drive. This was it;

Stanrock Rd. provides access to three different mine sites. The Stanrock mine, the CanMet mine, and the Spanish-American mine.

Like most of the mine sites, there are numerous roads that run through them, which makes for great hiking and biking opportunities. I didn’t come to do a long hike today but, now that I know what’s here, I’ll be back at some point for some more extensive exploring.

The Canmet mine site is one of about four other mine gates that I passed along Stanrock Rd. Hiking and biking are allowed on all these sites. However, there is no motorized vehicle access, no hunting, no fishing, no camping, and definitely no breathing allowed.

Eventually, I found a way to get on top of that huge rock wall, so I took a stroll along the top of it for quite a ways.

It seemed to go on forever, so I didn’t walk as far as it went, but it was certainly a nice view from up there.

I continued on my way back along Stanrock Rd., stopping at any interesting looking places on my way.

Keep in mind that, not all of this land is owned by the mines. Some of it is just Crown Land, which has public access for things such as camping, hunting, fishing or just exploring on foot, or by ATV.

Farther back along Stanrock Rd. I found a number of campsites on smaller lakes, where you could just pull a short distance off the road to camp for the night, and maybe do some fishing.

So it appears that Stanrock Rd. has a lot to offer as far as exploring goes. All the mine sites along this road, which have numerous roads running through them, the boat launch on Quirke Lake, which leads into a very large and expansive lake with quite a few islands, and even some camping possibilities along Stanrock Rd. itself.

With all the exploring I’ve done already in the general area of Elliot Lake, I’ve still just touched the tip of the iceberg, as far as the existing possibilities go. I’m starting to expand my horizons a bit, since I’ve pretty well covered the immediate area surrounding Elliot Lake. I will continue to scout out new and interesting places for hiking, kayaking, or even driving.


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