I Got Quirked!

So, today I took a drive over to the Quirke Lake boat launch, just to check it out, since I had never been there before. I was waiting for the price of gas to go down before I put some in the truck and it went down 6 cents a liter, so I made my move.

I was thinking that I would do some kayaking on Quirke Lake early tomorrow morning, but I wanted to see exactly what the launch point was like before I brought all my stuff down.

It was a beautiful day, with sunshine and cool temperatures, but not much wind. The colors are in full swing now, so that really adds to the already awesomeness of the surroundings.

Here’s the route to the Quirke Lake boat launch;

As you can see, it’s quite a ways in off the main hwy, but it’s not your average bush road. It’s a very good, wide gravel road, so getting in there was no problem. Unfortunately, it was getting out that was my problem today.

As luck would have it, my CAA membership had expired, so this was not going to be a cheap tow. I waited for about an hour for somebody to drive by, so that I could ask them for a boost. Eventually, an older guy came along in a pickup truck and he kindly agreed to give me a boost.

I had already done a preliminary inspection on the truck and it seemed to me that the battery may not be the problem. I was getting good power for everything else, like windows and seats, and the battery gauge showed that the battery was good. However, the engine would not turn over, so my next suspicion was the starter.

Anyway, I thought that I would give the boost a try first, just in case, but alas, it did not work. I told the guy that I would call a tow truck and he said to me, “You might have a bit of trouble there.” I said,”Why’s that?” He said,”The cell phone coverage around here is very patchy.” I said to him, “Oh, I already checked my cell phone and I have good coverage.” So, off he went, as I pulled out my phone.

Unfortunately, I had spoken too soon. My cell phone was showing three bars so, naturally, I figured good reception, right? Wrong. I dialed the number of my local mechanic and no reception. I did have my bicycle in the back of the truck though, so all was not lost. I got my bike out and, even though I knew it was a pretty long ride, I headed for home.

At about 3 or 4kms into my ride, I realized that I’m not in the bicycle riding form that I used to be in, and I need to remedy that as soon as possible. However, when I stopped to rest for a while, I thought that I would give my cell phone another try. This time I got about one eighth of a bar. I gave it a try, and I was able to get through to my mechanics shop. I told him the situation and he agreed to send a tow truck to get me.

So, now I had to ride all the way back to the truck, so that I could be there when the tow truck arrived. It was a beautiful day for a ride, but there were hills! Going down was great, of course. I walked up some of the hills, which was downright embarrassing. There was no one to be embarrassed in front of, but I was embarrassed with myself, that I was in such poor shape. I hadn’t ridden my bike in ages, and I was intending to start doing that, but just hadn’t gotten around to it yet. Anyway, now I know, so I’ll be doing something about that very soon.

The tow truck arrived shortly after I had made it back to the truck, at the Quirke Lake boat launch. As he was loading my truck up on the flat bed, a few people arrived at the boat launch. One guy came in with a pickup truck towing a boat trailer with no boat on it. I said to him, “Hey, you lost your boat back on the road somewhere”. He was an older man and he came over and started talking to me as if he knew me. It was kinds strange, but he was a nice enough guy, so we had a chat while I was waiting for my truck to be loaded.

After a while, another lady pulled into the boat launch area. Soon after she arrived, she came over to talk to me, again, acting as if she already knew me. It was weird. They were nice people and all, so I talked to them until my truck was loaded and then off we went, back into town.

The tow truck driver was a pretty nice guy too. We talked a lot about the area on the way back and he was telling me about his mining days up in the NWT. Actually, it turned out to be a pretty pleasant break-down.

It wasn’t all that long ago that I was deep in the bush, on roads that were so bad that no one would have been able to get in to tow me out. I’m not all that happy about my truck breaking down, but I’m sure glad it wasn’t when I was somewhere like that.

Here’s some more pictures I took while I was waiting for someone to show up to give me a boost.

As I was creating this post, my mechanic called. My truck needs a new starter. Oh well, I’m glad I found out this way, because I had it in my mind to go up to Aubrey Falls Provincial Park soon and that is hell and back from nowhere. If it had happened up there, I would have been found in the spring, mummified in the back of my truck.


2 responses to this post.

  1. That sucks! On the bright side, it looks like a nice area with a beautiful boat launch. I smell a trip.


    • It’s a nice enough area. The boat launch is very steep, but that wouldn’t affect launching a kayak or canoe. It is also a much bigger lake, so it could get pretty rough in windy conditions. There are quite a few cottages on this lake, but there are other lakes that can be reached by short portages, where motorboats can’t go.


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