Fall Adventures Await

There is absolutely no doubt that Fall arrived in a very noticeable manner up here in Elliot Lake. One day it was hot and humid, and the next it was freezing. In fact, the weather took a turn for the worse about two weeks ago, and is just now starting to show signs of brightening up a bit.

I was kinda wondering if we were going to go straight into winter this year for a while there. However, looking at the longer term forecast, I can see that things are supposed to improve nicely by the middle of next week, so there’s a good chance that I will be back out in the kayak, possibly even doing some camping.

It did get fairly sunny today, although still a bit on the cool side, but that never stops me from taking a walk to see some fall colours, which are in abundance up here now.

Actually, today was a perfect day for walking. We got a high of around 10 degrees, with light winds, and I find this to be optimal for me.

We’ve had a fair bit of rain up here in the last two weeks also. I was stuck inside for a number of days in a row, and I don’t like that too much. However, I’ve also been waiting for the price of gas to go down a bit, so that I can fill up my tank for some out of town trips I was thinking about. The price was up at around $1.40 a litre and now it has dropped to 1.36.9, so I might go ahead and fill up now, because I can’t see it going much lower in the next few weeks.

It won’t be long until all these leaves are on the ground, making it hard to see the trails.

It looks like someone dropped a bucket of red paint on these leaves.

Anyway, the nights are going to be very cool from now on, but if we get back up into the teens in the daytime, I’ll be happy with that.


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