Exploring Beyond 2

Here is another possible large area to explore, via the waterways, that I’ve been investigating. It’s an area within Mississagi River Provincial Park, not to be confused with Mississagi Provincial Park, which is a bit farther south.

This location has a huge area of interconnected lakes that would make for a very interesting paddling trip, probably more than one. Access to the area would be via bush roads, so there is no guarantee what conditions these roads are in, or even if they are passable by vehicle. The only way to ascertain this would be to actually go there and give it a try.

What I like about this place is that all the lakes are fairly narrow, so there’s not many large open areas that tend to get rough in windy weather. Also, there are islands that usually make for good campsites. Along with that, the area is huge and intricate, which would definitely provide a very interesting challenge in exploring and navigating.

To the put in location that I have noted, it is only about 50kms from Elliot Lake. However, a lot of that is bush roads, so the condition of those will certainly play a part in how long it would actually take to get there, if it is possible at all. Still, it looks like it’s worth a try and I’ll probably go up there and do a little scouting before I decide to bring all the gear for a paddling adventure.

Along the same road is another possible route that looks interesting. It goes into the Rawhide Lake system and, although it’s not quite as extensive as the Mississagi River Provincial Park system, it’s still a fairly good paddle. It is also more accessible since there is not too much bush road to travel in order to reach a suitable launching point. There is an official boat launch on the main road (Hwy 546) coming in, but if avoiding motorboats is an issue then driving farther in and portaging into the Rawhide system might be more desirable. In any event, I’ve shown routes going in from either access point on the map.

It may be possible to drive all the way into Rottier Lake, it’s hard to tell by looking at the map. If so, then a couple of portages would still be required to get to Rawhide Lake.

Another side trip might be had via a river that runs under Hwy 546 and into Mayfield Lake. I can’t tell, by the map, if this river is navigable or not. Just after this bridge, is the turn off for the long bush road that goes into the Mississagi River Provincial Park system.

This is another absolutely massive area of the Mississagi River Provincial Park system. I’m not even going to attempt to trace possible paddling routes in this area because it is so huge it would take me forever. However, access to this area, although it seems extremely remote, is more than possible, since I found a launch point that seems to be used by vehicles and also campers with trailers. The road that goes in must be good enough to tow these trailers in there.

The possible paddling routes in this area are beyond extensive. The whole area that I’ve drawn a line around on the map is interconnected waterways. You could get lost in this paddling wilderness for a month and never see the same place twice. It’s definitely not a place for a day trip, since it’s quite a long drive from Elliot Lake, but it would be a great place for a camping trip for a week or so.


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