Fire Bans

Once again fire bans have been issued for the Elliot Lake municipality. There are no provincial fire bans, this is just a move by the local officials. It seems that Wednesdays are the favorite day for issuing fire bans up here. I guess, after the Algo mall collapse, no one is taking any chances on any further disasters in this area.

For me, this means that there will be no camping until the fire ban is lifted. Campfires are really an intricate part of the camping experience, especially if one is depending on the fire to cook on. During the last camping trip with my brother, we didn’t get a whole lot of time around the campfires at night because of the mosquitoes, but we did do all our cooking on the fire.

With the recent hot weather I’ve been scaling back on outdoor activities anyways. I’m not a real fan of hot weather and I never have been. The only mitigating factor right now is that the nights are still fairly cool, so that is at least some relief. I’m not really complaining about the heat, just allowing for it. I remember the days when I worked in a factory that was quite often 100 degrees inside, so I’ve had my fair share of heat over the years.

Given the slow down in activities, I’ll be working on other possibilities that may or may not take place at some point. I tend to prepare a lot of things that end up never being used, but the whole idea is to have options, just in case. I enjoy doing the preparing, so it’s not a lost effort. If I get a chance to use whatever it is that I work on, then that’s great too, but it’s not essential and it’s certainly not wasted time in my opinion.

I’ve been putting some work into my bicycle setup recently, so that I can do some exploring on two wheels if I get the opportunity. There are a lot of bush roads up here that could easily be travelled by bicycle. It’s quiet, simple, and more ground can be covered than by just walking. Due to the fact that I ran into a bit of trouble walking long distances, this may be a better option going forward. Like I said, it’s all about having options. One door closes, and another door opens.

I’m also in the process of reviewing my tenure here in Elliot Lake. I never intended for this to be a permanent residence, although I’m not committed to changing that at this moment, but I am looking at options right now. I’m just putting some feelers out to see what might come up and then I’ll decide which direction I might take. I might stay, or I might go. I don’t have any plans to do either but whatever happens….happens.

In the meantime, there are still a lot of places to explore around here, so as soon as it cools down a bit, I’ll be back at it. My next exploration trip will likely be back to Esten Lake, in my kayak, to check out the upper end of the Marshland River. Me and my brother explored the lower side of the river on the last trip, and we paddled as far as we could up the river. This time I will be determining how far down the river I can paddle, without having to portage. I’ll just have to be careful not to get hooked up in a flow that might be too difficult to paddle back against.

Anyway, no pictures or videos this time, just a status report.

Update; The MNR has now put up fire bans across all of Northeastern Ontario, which can be viewed here;

Also, the current forest fire info can be viewed here;


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