Possible Route

I’ve been going over the map of this area, looking for possible paddling routes that might interest me. I’m not really interested in doing big, popular lakes, where motorboats are likely to be encountered. There are, of course, a multitude of lakes in this area but not all of them are accessible by vehicle, which would be required to transport all the equipment necessary for such a trip.

I have found a few such places, but only one is relatively local. Here it is;

As you can see, this trip would definitely require some commitment, in the way of time and effort, but it goes through relatively quiet lakes and rivers and a vehicle could be parked at the beginning and the end of this route, since it is not a loop.

The total distance of the route is about 38kms and I would figure somewhere between three and four days to comfortably complete it.
Also, there are ample island camping possibilities along the way, which is another reason I chose this particular route. As you can see from the google map, there is quite a lot of river paddling involved, and most of that looks like nice wide, and calm rivers, although some rapids will be encounter where we will need to decide whether to run or portage. There are very few portages and the ones there are tend to be very short. That’s another reason I like this route.

I would definitely need someone to paddle this route with me since two vehicles will be required. I could do it alone and call a taxi to take me back to the starting point, but I’m a cheapskate, and I would rather not incur any additional charges for having fun.

So, anyone interested? Of course this is open to family members only, immediate or otherwise. Take a close look at the map using the satellite view and zoom in to see more detail. This definitely looks like it would be an experience in adventure.

Timing is not all that important to me and I can adjust to meet anyone’s requirements. It can be during this summer or even in early fall, when the colours would be another asset. More than one other person would also be an asset. Having, or having access to, a canoe or kayak is a necessity, since I only have my one kayak.

Another possible route would be Esten Lake to Depot Lake, but this route also has an unknown stretch of river, namely, the Marshland river. However, it is known that other people have traversed the Marshland river, so it is doable, but it is unknown whether the water levels will allow it to be done at any time of the year. The only way to know that would be to do it. Here is the map of the route, which comes to about 22kms. in length, so it would be very doable on a long weekend.


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