One Day, Three Lakes

As always, I didn’t really know what I was going to do today until I decided to get up at 5:30am. I had been thinking about doing a scouting mission on another area lake, but the weather had other ideas and it’s been a bit unstable for the past few days. However, I got the feeling this morning that today was going to be a perfect day to do some paddling, so I headed off to a lake that is about ten minutes south of here called Depot Lake.

I didn’t have any high hopes for finding suitable islands for camping but I was about to be very surprised.

I did come across a couple of ‘sort of islands’ early into my paddle, but I ruled those out because you could hear traffic noise from hwy 108.

As I left the dock at Depot Lake, my intention was to paddle down Depot Lake and check out some islands near the end. That didn’t take as long as I thought, and the weather was great for paddling, so I continued on through Trout Lake and into Grandeur Lake also. Here’s the play by play of my 18 kilometer scouting trip.

Some of the videos and pictures might be a little dark because it was very early and the morning sun was, at times, hidden behind the clouds.

The bugs up here have let up quite a bit now, so they were no problem on today’s paddle.

The kayak was, once again, amazingly easy to paddle and it’s quickly becoming my favorite piece of equipment for exploring.

Depot Lake is a very long and narrow lake, which makes it perfectly suited for canoeing or kayaking. Also, it is interconnected with a number of other lakes and this means that you can paddle for a long time without reaching the end.

Now that I had verified at least one good island campsite, I continued on to see if there could possibly be more.

This turned out to be a really excellent paddle. There were narrow channels everywhere, leading from one lake to the next and I was fortunate that I brought my GPS because I really needed it.

I stopped here and there to check out a number of islands along the way. Some were just OK, and some were excellent campsites.

Some campsites even came with optional accessories, like this cast iron frying pan hanging on a tree;

I took about 160 pictures and videos today.

This snake must have eaten recently, you can see a bulge in the middle.

This was probably one of the better island campsites I visited today. It had a great view and deep water around the rocky edge of one side which would be good for diving or fishing from.

The sky looked pretty angry but there was to be no fireworks today. It was more like the calm before the storm, but the storm never came, unless it came while I was sleeping and I didn’t hear it.

I like when there’s an interesting sky, it makes for good pictures, especially when the lake is calm and glassy.

All together I visited six islands where camping was possible. At least two of them were exceptional campsites.
Here at the end, I’m just going to leave you with some videos that explain exactly why I love doing this so much.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Paul E.Boy on June 9, 2012 at 7:48 pm

    Nice. Anything at par, or better than we found? Does it connect to Elliot Lake as well?


  2. Well, it’s hard to compare. I just like finding ‘different’ places to camp. These new places are just more prime island camping spots to choose from. I’m not sure yet if it does eventually connect to Elliot Lake. It does connect to Marshland Lake, which has a river that runs into Esten Lake, which connects to Elliot Lake, but I don’t yet know if that Marshland River is navigable by kayak or canoe. We only tried the one river going to Quimby Lake, so we still have to explore the other river, which was the Marshland river. It is possible that it does connect and that would be one long paddle.
    If the Marshland river is, in fact, navigable, this would be a good weekend trip if we could park one vehicle at the Depot Lake dock and one at the Elliot Lake dock, where we would finish the trip.


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