Just in case.

I have now finished that mammoth post about my trip to the islands but it took me more than a whole day to complete.  It could be that some people were reading the post as I was still creating it and they may have missed a large part of it because of this.  Just in case that happened, I am making this post to point out that at the very end of the last post I put the words “THE END”.  If you read that post, and you didn’t see the words “THE END”, then you might want to go back and check to see if you missed some of it at the end.

Uploading video via YouTube takes a long time and that took a lot of hours since I have many videos in that last post.  Also, when I was near the end of the post, without thinking, I navigated away from my blog page and in one click of the mouse,I  lost all the work I had done.  Needless to say, I was fit to be tied.  I tried everything to retrieve the work but it was gone.

Anyway, lesson learned.  I quickly realized that it was useless getting all uptight about it, what’s done is done, so I started again.  So, again, if you didn’t see the words “THE END”, check to make sure that you didn’t miss something.


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