Breaking up is hard to do.

Ice, that is.  I’ve been keeping a close eye on the lake conditions for the last few weeks and things are coming along, as far as ice break up goes.

This was Elliot Lake a couple of weeks ago, where a number of fishermen were trying their luck, and also testing their luck, on what seems to me must have been very thin ice.

However, today the ice had cleared up considerably on Elliot Lake and the first two Canada Geese have arrived to take advantage of it.  If you look closely, in the distance you can see that there is still some ice coverage but another few mild days should clear that up.

Over at Sherriff Creek pond, it was completely open but, after a cold night, a thin layer of ice has once again coated the water.  I expect that this will continue to happen until the nights get milder.

It won’t be long until the ice on this pond is replaced with lily pads and the whole thing turns into one giant swamp.

Horne Lake was also completely ice free but has some thin ice around the edges from the overnight freeze.

We’re supposed to get a couple of centimeters of snow tonight, so it might be a bit more wintery looking by tomorrow morning.  It’s hard to know what to expect with the weather being up and down like the stock market lately.

Even though I haven’t been posting as much during the winter months, I’ve still been putting a lot of kilometers on my feet.  Just yesterday I did 16 kilometers, although I have to say that it was a bit on the cool side.  I’ll be starting to ramp up my expeditions into the bush with the warming weather.  Also, I will be making my maiden voyage into the water with my new inflatable kayak.  Today, I found a good place to put it in on a river that goes into Horne Lake, so that will probably be my first paddle for the season.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Pauleboy on April 2, 2012 at 12:10 pm

    Maybe leave eskimo roll practice until July or so!


  2. No Eskimos up here, so I couldn’t roll one if I wanted to. Besides, to be completely politically correct, shouldn’t that be Inuit roll?


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