Is It Winter Yet?

This week we got down to about minus 20 and between yesterday and last night we have accumulated about 8 cms. of snow on the ground.  However, it did get fairly mild today so I did get out for a walk.

Lots of white out there on Elliot Lake.  I think I can officially declare that winter is here.

You can’t tell from the picture, but there is still some light snow falling.

I only saw one snowmobile track on my walk today but the ATV’s are still out.  I suppose they will be until the snow gets too deep for them.  If I was to ever have either of those machines, I certainly think that you would get more use out of an ATV than a snowmobile, around here anyway.

I did one of my regular walks today of around 10 kms and I can officially confirm that it’s harder to walk in the snow than on the dirt.  Big surprise eh?

I did get to try out my new medium duty snow boots today and I discovered that they need more padding in the bottom, maybe some of those nice thick insoles.  My feet weren’t cold at all but there wasn’t much cushion to my steps and I could see that this would bother me on longer walks.

It was a very quiet day up here today.  Everything was closed and there were very few people outside or on the roads.


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