We got snow!

Yes, we finally have snow on the ground up here in Elliot Lake.  It looks like it might stick around too.  It was very cold the other night, down to minus 16, so even Elliot Lake itself has a coating of ice covered with snow on it now.  Take a look;

That’s a pretty dull looking sky also.  We haven’t seen all the much sun in the last little while.

I walked over to the Sherriff Creek hiking trail today, and I walked part of the trail.  It was a fairly mild day with light winds.

It would have been nice to see the sun but a little gloom makes a sunny day even nicer when it does come.

The good thing about the fresh snow is that you can see all kinds of tracks and I did see lots of people tracks and dog tracks on the trail, but I also saw other tracks that were neither people nor dogs and I’m not sure what they were.

Now there’s a nice Christmas tree.

I’d say we have about 5 centimeters of snow on the ground right now.

Horne Lake is no longer clear, smooth ice, so any skating will require shoveling now.

There is more snow in the forecast for this coming week.  Today, I didn’t need snowshoes but it won’t be long until I get to try out my new Winter Walkers.


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