Skating Anyone?

The temperatures have been well below freezing for a while now so ice is slowly creeping onto the lakes in the area.  Elliot Lake itself is a bigger lake, so the wave action means that it will probably be the last to freeze around here.  However, Horne Lake is almost completely frozen over and, since we haven’t had any accumulating snow yet, it is clear and as smooth as glass.  Take a look;

What a skating rink!

I took these pictures off the end of one of the docks and I could see, because of the bubbles in the ice, that it was about 3 inches thick, which is good enough to walk on but I wasn’t taking any chances since the water is 20 feet deep off the end of this dock!  I think I’ll wait until it’s about a foot thick before I’ll walk on the ice, close to the shore.  No ice is ever really 100% safe to walk on, since there can be warm spots, or areas that don’t freeze as well because of flowing water.  Every year people find this out the hard way.

Here you can see a long pressure crack going almost all the way across the lake.  Today the high was about minus 6, with a somewhat brisk breeze at times, but I was still able to put in 12 kms of walking.  The sunshine and blue sky will usually get me out, no matter how cold it is.


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