The Long and Winding Road.

It was the last day in November and it was a beautiful, full blue sky, and sunny day.  The weather in southern Ontario was showing snow falling over a large area, but nothing up here.  I went out for a walk and decided on the way that it would be a great day to head up to the Lookout Tower.

Most of the time, when I go up there, I’ll drive all the way up, or at least to the bottom of Tower Road, but this time I walked all the way up for a total of 17 kms.  Every time I go out walking now, I figure that it might be the last time that I can walk without snow on the ground.  I don’t know how long that will last, but I’m very grateful for all the snowless days I’ve had so far.

The air was much clearer today than it has been on the other times I’ve been up there but that clarity didn’t seem to transfer all that well to pictures, at least not with the Olympus camera that I had with me.  Nevertheless, here are some shots I took from the top;

Looking down into Elliot Lake and Hwy 108.

The hump you can see in the far, hazy distance in this photo is Manitoulin Island.

It seemed fitting that I was at the old fire tower lookout when I saw smoke rising from the forest, in the upper left side of this photo.

It’s very easy to pick out the evergreens, now that all the leaves have fallen off the deciduous trees.

This is an extreme telephoto shot of the hump on Manitoulin Island.  You can just see a hint of the water separating the island from the mainland.

It’s always been difficult for me to get a picture of the North Channel of Lake Huron in the distance, but I was able to zoom in on it today and you can clearly see it here.

This picture is zoomed in on the downtown area of Elliot Lake.  The large building at the center of the very right hand side is the Algo Inn.  It is a combination shopping mall and hotel.

Not a cloud in the sky, and not one other person came up there while I was there.  By the way, the gate at the bottom of the road up here, which had been locked for the winter season, was open.  The lock had been cut, and left lying on the road, so I guess someone was upset that they couldn’t drive up.  It’s only 1.5 kms from the gate to the tower, but it’s all up hill, so it does require one to get some exercise.

A couple of ravens having a chat about the great weather while doing some feather maintenance.

Anyway, it was another great day up here in Elliot Lake.  Goodbye November and hello December.  Just another 21 days and then the days will start getting longer again.


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