Wildlife Wednesday

I haven’t seen any bears yet, just tracks, but there is other wildlife lurking in the forests around Elliot Lake.  Today I put more than 16 kms on my feet searching for an elusive and smart animal that I’ve seen around here before.  Not only did I find it, but I was able to get some real nice shots, and lots of them.  Here they are;

This little guy didn’t seem all that camera shy, although I wasn’t as close to him as it might appear.  I used full 30X telephoto to capture this picture and, I have to say, I think that I’ve found the strength of this Olympus camera.

I had seen foxes in this area before, and that’s why I came prepared today for this possibility.

The fox moved around in the bush for a while, stopping to sniff here and there.

And then he jumped up on top of this big boulder…….

To take a nap.

Like I said……it was a BIG boulder!

He was quite content to stay there for a long time, as long as I kept my distance.  I was about 30 feet away.

As soon as I moved a few steps closer, he hopped down and disappeared into the bush.  It was nice to get some good wildlife shots for a change though.

Most of the smaller ponds up here have a thin layer of ice on them now.

A sure sign that winter is not far off.  However, we are still snow free up here in Elliot Lake and it’s coming to the end of November.  I would have thought that we would have some snow on the ground by now but I’m not complaining, even though I did buy a set of snowshoes already.  It’s much easier to walk on the bare ground, so I’ll take as much of that as I can get, while I can get it.


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