Back To The Top.

We’re really getting down to the last few days without snow and, when a warm sunny day comes along, I like to make good use of it.  The last time, which was the first time, I went up to Pole Ridge, it was very windy and I couldn’t get very good quality pictures that day.  Today, I headed up there again, not only to get some better pics, but also because it will probably be the last time I can get up there before the snow hits.      ****Just a reminder again that you can click on any of these pictures to get a bigger, more detailed picture, and then you can click on that picture again, to get a huge version.****

There’s not much colour in the rolling hills around here now, but I think that it was a bit better for taking pictures today.

The view from up here really is awesome, and it was even better now, since I didn’t have to fight the wind.

Any direction you look from up here, you can see for miles and miles.

King of the mountain.

The lake you see behind me, in the far distance, is Elliot Lake.  The short piece of road you see in front of me, in the far distance, is the road going up to the Lookout Tower.  This is where I first saw the lone pole on this ridge from.

You can easily see why I love coming up here, but you have to remember, it’s even more spectacular in person.

The lonely hydro pole that started my quest for the top.

This would be a good place to spot bears from, but I didn’t see any today.  I didn’t even see any other people out here today.

Strangely enough, since I was last up here, which wasn’t all that long ago, someone put up a bunch of these red markers leading up to the hydro pole lookout.  Like I said before, there is no trail up here, but maybe someone is trying to change that.  I just found it strange that they chose to do it just after I had come up.  Maybe some else who lives up here is reading my blog.  Who knows?

Anyway, there was no one else here today.  Nice and quiet.  I’ll just leave you with one more shot at a 360 degree video from the top of Pole Ridge;


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