The Forest Sleeps

With the weather being so unsettled lately, I haven’t been getting out as much as I usually do.  We have had our first sign of winter yesterday, with flurries coming down for much of the day, but nothing staying on the ground yet.

The clouds did part, at least intermittently, today, so I decided to venture out for some exercise.  For the most part, I just did one of my regular routes.

Elliot Lake is looking like it’s ready for winter, with the grey skies and the less than brilliant colours now that most of the leaves have fallen.

With the forests as bare as they are now, I came across a trail that I had not seem before.  The white trail marker, which had been cover by all the foliage, was now clear to see.  So, I walked in for a short distance, to see where it went.

When I got in there a bit, I could see that there was a large open area with lots of golden-yellow tamarack (larch) trees around.

There were trails all through the long grass in this area and it was clear that beavers were probably responsible for this large clearing.

There were signs everywhere of recent beaver activity, bringing in their stores for the winter under the ice.

Most of the trees have gone to sleep for the winter and the rolling hills around here look more like a brush-cut on an army sergeants head.

These Tamaracks are the last colour before winter sets in and then it will be all white and evergreen.

I found this live shotgun shell on the trail.  I guess it must have fallen out of a hunters pocket.

Anyway, it was good to get out after a few days of being inside.  The temperature was around 7 degrees today, so not too cold yet.


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