Waterfront Trails and Beaches

When I left for a walk this morning I really had no intention of going as far as I did, which totaled up to around 18 kms.  That’s a record for me since I arrived here.  It was such a beautiful day that, when I got going, I just kept going.

First, I headed out on a regular walk that I normally do any day of the week, which is out towards the new part of town along Pearson Road and then down Esten Road North, and then onto the paved pathway along hwy 108.  The reason I like this route is because it’s mostly all bush along the way.

These pictures were taken along Pearson Road, and here’s some other closeups of things I saw along the way.

Check this mushroom out!  Growing on the side of a tree.

I always have to get my mushrooms in there.  They’re so photogenic.

Even though we’ve had some pretty cold nights lately, it hasn’t affected some plants.

But it’s obvious that some don’t like the cold so much.

Dead trees are another favourite subject for pictures.

The seasons are definitely changing.

Of course, I had to stop a Timmies on hwy 108 and then walk down to the Miner’s Monument to sit down and enjoy the scenery while I enjoyed my tea and muffin.

After that I continued down hwy 108, going through Westview Trailer Park, and then onto an ATV trail through the bush to Milliken Road, which leads to Sherriff Creek, and then on up to the Lookout Tower.

I’m just a shadow of the man I used to be.

However, I didn’t go up Milliken Road today.  Instead, I crossed over hwy 108 and went to the Public Boat Launch, to see what was going on there.  This is where I hooked up with the waterfront trail system that goes all the way from the boat launch to the other side of town and beyond.

After the boat launch, the trail leads to Westview Park, which is a nice picnic park, with a playground and washrooms.  It doesn’t have a swimming beach, just a natural shoreline.

The trail continues along the Elliot Lake shoreline through the bush.

There are numerous sections of boardwalk and bridges along the way.

I saw way more dog tracks on all the beaches than human tracks.  Just sayin’

The next open area I came to is a beach known as the ‘new’ beach, or more officially, Spruce Beach.

Then the trail goes back into the bush, and continues along the shoreline.

I have to say, I really enjoyed this trail.  It’s not difficult and it follows the shoreline closely.  There are spots along the way where you can step out to the water’s edge too, sometimes a small secluded beach area, and sometimes a few big rocks like these ones;

There are mushrooms along the lake-shore too.

Right around this point, I reached some kind of municipal water facility, maybe a pumping facility or something like that.  Since I had never intended to do the waterfront trails today, I hadn’t researched them much and I wasn’t exactly sure where I was.  So, even though I could see that the trail did continue, I decided to take the small dirt road at the water facility out to the main road.  When I reached the main road, I discovered that it was Spine Road, and I knew that I could have continued on the waterfront trail to the last beach.

Anyway, I decided to just walk down Spine Road to the end.

Actually, the road ends here.  The trails continue for miles and miles into the bush from the end of Spine Road.

This is the entrance to what is known as the ‘old’ beach, or Spine Beach.

I like the old beach better than the new beach.  It’s a bigger area, with a longer beach, and there are trails at the end of the beach area that go for many miles into the wilderness.

There’s a huge parking lot and, as you can see, it’s crowded.  Just the way I like it.

The Voyageur Trail is one heck of a long trail.  I can’t see myself ever doing that one.

The Spine Road Cross-Country Ski Trails can also be used as hiking trails in the summer and, as you can see, there are shorter and longer loops to suit everyone’s ability or inclination.

On this map you can see the full length of the waterfront trails that I walked today from the boat launch, at the top, to Spine Beach at the bottom.

How would ya like to fall down these stairs?

Here’s another map that was in Westview Park.  It shows the part of the Trans-Canada Trail that runs through the Elliot Lake area.

Anyway, that was my walk for today, and I really enjoyed it.  At some point I would like to come back to try out some of those trails that go deeper into the wilderness from the end of Spine Road.

****Note; You can click on any of the pictures to get the full size version****




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