Trucking the Pipeline.

Today being Sunday, and a beautiful day at that, I decided that it was a good time to see how far I could drive on Pipeline Road.

Not far after I had passed the point to where I had walked earlier this week, I found the pit where the dump trucks had been going to.  Also, not all that far past that, I found the area where the logging was being done, and there were piles of logs along the road, ready to be loaded onto the truck.

I was able to get a good GPS location on my ipod at the point where I stopped driving.  The road was getting a bit trickier, and I didn’t want to chance getting stuck way in there.  After checking my maps, I could see that some of them showed the road ending not far from where I decided to stop, and some of them showed that the road continued, and joined into other roads.  So, like I said before, you can’t always depend on maps, sometimes you just have to go to the location and see for yourself.

This area is riddled with ATV trails running off either side of the road.  There was one area in particular that I would like to get into one day, and that was a lake called Gullbeak Lake.  There were no roads going to it, but I did locate what appears to be a small trail that does go to it.  The lake seems to have a lot of beaches along its shoreline, and it would be nice to walk along them.  There were also a couple of small islands in the middle of the lake.

I would actually have to walk all the way in to this area, because I wouldn’t want to leave my truck parked somewhere on the road.  It’s too remote and it would be very tempting to certain types of people to have their way with my truck while I was enjoying the beaches of Gullbeak Lake.  I did see a few people on the road today, so they do come in there.  However, walking in is not out of the question, although it would be a good day’s hike.

This is great ammunition for those in charge of administering these lands, for closing access to the public.  A boat in the middle of the bush?  Fortunately, this road is still being used by businesses, so it won’t be closed, but eventually we all get penalized for the irresponsibility of some.

There are quite a few sandy areas where I can see that ATV’s have been playing around in.

This is one of the gravel pits where the dump trucks have been coming into.

Anyway, now I know what’s in here.  I did see a few spots where it looks like people had been camping.  There was one fairly nice site right beside a river.  But, for the most part, the areas that are clear were not really great camping spots and I can’t see anyone spending a lot of time camping in here.  I’ll keep searching around for any other roads that might provide better camping spots.


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