The Long and Winding Road

I decided to go back to the Pipeline Road today to check it out a bit more thoroughly.  I parked my truck at the gas pipeline installation, which is just inside where the road comes off highway 108, and I walked in again, but this time I walked much farther.

The first thing that I discovered was that I was wrong about logging trucks not using this road anymore.  The first vehicle I saw was a logging truck going into the bush.  However, this was the only logging truck I saw throughout my entire walk, and I was in there for hours.  He went in, but he still hadn’t come  back by the time I finished my walk.

Unfortunately, logging trucks are not the only trucks using this road.  There were plenty of dump trucks that passed me by along the way.  I’d say one about every fifteen minutes or so.  They kick up a lot of dust, and I could hear them coming long before they reached me.

The last time I walked here was on a Sunday, so I guess they don’t work on Sunday.  I walked over ten kilometers on that road today and, as far as I walked, the road was good for driving on.  I also went off the road a few times to check out possible Crown Land camping spots.  Like I’ve mentioned before, a lot of these kinds of roads are blocked in some manner, but now I know why this one isn’t blocked.  They still use it, and that’s probably the only reason that it’s not blocked.

It’s easy to see why there is so much controversy around Crown Land camping and access.  For one thing, there is precious little usable access, even along this road, and wherever there is access, people have dumped garbage in there.  Some of the smaller roads going off the Pipeline Road have been made impassable, and I’m sure it’s because of this dumping problem.

I did find some areas where you can drive into and possible camp, but I wouldn’t say that they were prime camping spots.

This is what clear cutting looks like.  Would you want to camp here?  I guess it would be ok for a night, if you happen to be moving around, but it was close enough to Pipeline Road that you could hear the trucks going by now and then.

The road seems to go on, and on, and on, winding up and down hills through the forest.  I never reached wherever the dump trucks were going to, but I’m guessing it’s some kind of gravel pit.

There are some places that you wouldn’t want to go too far off the road, no one is coming to get you way in here.

I must have looked like I was on my last legs because the vultures were circling.

Those logging guys sure did a good job of cutting down all the trees, but they forgot one!

I found this nice little spot along the side of the road.

Anyway, I got lots of exercise today but the next time I come back it will most likely be on a Sunday to avoid the truck traffic.  I still want to see how far this road is drivable.


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