The Natural Flow

Modern society conditions us into thinking that we need to go go go all the time.  How often have you heard the saying “Time is Money”?  Even when we are doing things considered to be recreation, we get that same conditioned urge to be on the go constantly.  It’s so easy to get caught up in this mind trap, and the only way out of it is to realize that you are in it.

Sometimes life will try to show you, by giving you little nudges, like the scene you see above.  It’s ok to not do anything for a while.  You don’t need to fill every hour of the day with doing.  In fact, the moments in which you have absolutely nothing to do at all may be when your most creative thoughts arise.

Right now I’m in a bit of a holding pattern.  There are tons of things that I could be doing, but I don’t feel that there is any kind of race to get things done.  The natural flow of life has it’s up’s and down’s and even a sort of neutral flow, where no particular direction is apparent.  When I get this feeling, I just allow it to be as it is, and I ignore that human conditioned urge to do something.  Our minds are not our masters.  They are only tools that we can choose to use as needed.

But, but, but, time is a wasting, look!  The first signs of fall are already upon us, and pretty soon we’ll be waist deep in snow.  We have to get going, and get as much done as possible before that happens, right?  Well……no.  There will always be some factor we can point to that urges us on into, what we see as, the future.  The secret to living life in a truly natural way is to realize that what’s happening right now is all that really matters, and if you feel that there’s nothing happening right now, then that’s ok too.




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