Another day, another walk.

One thing I love to do is walk.  You miss so many details if you just drive through an area, and besides, walking is great exercise.  Today I decided to check out another possible entry point into the surrounding wilderness.  I have every kind of map imaginable, so I can do most of my locating from my computer, but nothing beats actually going to a place, and checking it out in person.

There is some information that is not shown on a map, for instance gates.  It’s very hard, or even impossible to tell if a road is gated, unless the map specifically says that it is.  Some of my maps do show gates on roads, but not all gates are shown.  So, the only way to tell is to actually go there and look.  This is what I was up to today.

When I got to the location, which was about a 4 km. walk, I saw two dirt roads going into the bush, no gates in sight.  However, I have noticed from my maps that gates are not always put at the very entrance, where the road begins.  It all depends on the layout of the area, and this area was kind of open, and did not lend itself to effective gating, since it would be quite easy to just go around any gate that might be erected.

Anyway, it was encouraging to see what seemed to be a well used road going into the bush, so I made note of the area for further research.  There was some kind of parkette with a parking lot right there, so I intend to drive down the next time, and park in the parking lot, and walk into the bush on the dirt road, to see if there are any gates farther in.   I might have walked farther in today, but the sun was getting pretty hot, and I was starting to look like a drowned rat, so I decided to head back and wait for better conditions to do some serious exploring.


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