Porridge Lake Trail

I thought that I would start my review of local trails with one that I found on my walk yesterday.  I would have never noticed this trail except for the large blue sign, which I could see through the bushes, so I went to investigate.


After the blue sign, the trail started off nice enough.

A little further in was this sign.  There was no map of the trail, which I found to be somewhat unusual.  Most official trails I’ve been on will always have a map included on the entrance sign.  It does say 4.3 kms. long though, so I was all set for a good walk.

The trail quickly leads down to Porridge Lake, where it splits in two different directions.  I was thinking that this would be a loop around the lake, but both trails just lead out to different roads.  I later learned that, due to private property issues, the trail could not be made continuous, and this is why my first attempt at this trail led me on a very short hike to the highway.  The next time I did the trail, I took the opposite direction where the trail splits, and it was a much longer, and more enjoyable walk.

The last time I did this trail I turned right where the trail splits, and the trail went past the backyards of some houses in the area.  This time I turned left and it was longer and mostly bush.

For the most part, the trail ran close to the edge of Porridge Lake.

There were a few sections of boardwalk, but the trail was not what I would call rough going.

Looking across Porridge Lake, if you look closely, on the top of that hill in the distance you will see the Lookout Tower, which I already did another post on.

This is pretty indicative of what the whole trail was like, close to the water and not overly rough.

The Lookout Tower can be seen again in the distance here.

And here too.

There were a few benches in the bush around this lake.

I doubt that anyone would get too worn out though, because it is a pretty easy walk.

There are lots of big trees here too.

This one fell over right across the trail.

I was left wondering how this tree was still standing.  It’s a fairly big tree and you can see that something has been chipping away at it.  Whether it was beavers, or those other destructive two legged animals I don’t know, but it looked like it was like this for a long time.

Anyway, this was my second attempt at the Porridge Lake Trail, and it was an ok trail.  It’s an easy walk and, if you want to do a complete loop, you will have to do some road walking to get around private property.  No need to pack a lunch for this one though.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Avril on August 11, 2011 at 4:50 pm

    No matter how long (or short) the trails are ……… its still an adventure in nature. The pictures look great. The trail reminds me of our laneway, only we don’t have a lake at the end!

    Stay safe and enjoy every adventure.



    • Hey Av;

      Ya, my discovery with this trail was not to take it again, so I did learn something from it. I still enjoyed the walk, and it was a beautiful day. I was just a little eager to get a real workout, since I’d been laid up for about two weeks. You have to keep the body moving when you reach over 60, other wise you start to rust like the tin man on Wizard of Oz.


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