Another discovery tour.

I haven’t been posting a lot recently for two reasons.  First, the weather has been too hot or humid to do any comfortable walking.  It’s no fun being drenched in sweat, with your clothes sticking to you like glue.  So, I’ve been waiting for the weather to cool down a bit.

Secondly, I had to pull out one of my wisdom teeth myself, since I don’t have a dental plan at the moment, and I can’t really afford to pay hundreds of dollars for someone else to do it.  Unfortunately, it resulted in an infection that put me out of commission for about two weeks.  So, those two circumstances have slowed me down a bit.

However, the weather has now cooled down nicely, and I did get out today for another discovery tour of the area.  I didn’t take all that many pictures because I couldn’t charge the camera’s battery for long enough before I left, but here are a few pics that I did take.

The never-ending sidewalk to nowhere.

As usual, there are frequent resting spots along the way.

Again, these paved pathways are everywhere.

This is an all too familiar sight around here, roads that have been made inaccessible to vehicular traffic.  Of course, ATV’s can find their way around obstacles like this, and there are endless numbers of ATV trails in the area, but I don’t happen to have an ATV.  So, why allow ATV’s in but not vehicles?  Well, it’s very simple.  There are a number of ATV Tour operators in the area, and they bring in big bucks renting ATV’s and taking people on the many trails around here.   Also, some of these forest access roads lead into remote lakes where fly in fishing cabins and lodges are located, and they don’t want to see vehicles accessing areas that people have paid mucho denaro’s to fly in to.

I have located some roads that are not blocked, and I will be investigating them at some point.  Right now I’m just locating access points,  and I’ve already made note of a few trail heads that look promising.




2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Pauleboy on August 12, 2011 at 9:19 am

    OMG!!!! Dr. McGiver to surgery please…..STAT!!!! I’m not sure if I even want to ask, but what did u use, vise grips? Who was assisting, Dr. Daniels or Dr. Beam!!! Either way, u just moved a notch higher on the Chuck Norris “Manchart”!!

    Good luck with the exploration. I’m terribly envious !



    • Hey Wally;

      No, it wasn’t quite that dramatic. What happened was, I bit down on something and it pushed my tooth in such a way that I couldn’t close my teeth together properly, so the tooth was loose already. I was able to wiggle it around with my fingers, and eventually I got a hold of it, and ripped it out. The hard part was that it was still attached to the tissue around it, so when I ripped it out, it caused a lot of pain and damage to the surrounding area.
      Unfortunately, neither Dr. Beam, nor Dr. Daniels was available for the procedure, and as far as being more of a man goes, well, yes, more of a poor man. It’s surprising what you can do when you have to.
      We’re starting to get some cooler days up here now, so I should be a bit more active in the explorations department.


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