Some Pictures

I’m going to post some pictures of the Elliot Lake area.  These pictures didn’t turn out as well as I would have liked, there is a blue tint to them, for some reason I have yet to determine.

***Just as a followup to the preceding statement, I have found the problem with the camera I was using, which is an Olympus SP 800UZ.  When first turned on this camera does not default to automatic settings.  You must manually change the settings to auto, if that’s what you desire, otherwise it will be in full manual mode, and any pictures taken will have to have the manual settings adjusted, according to the conditions.  I did not do this when I was taking the following pictures.  I just turned the camera on, assuming it would default to automatic mode.  My Nikon has a dial to turn to automatic or manual mode, so it’s much more evident which mode you are in.  Anyway, I’ll be taking the Olympus on another walk, to see how it performs, now that I actually know how to use it.***

Fire Tower

This is an old Fire Tower station that overlooks the city of Elliot Lake.

You can see some of the buildings in Elliot Lake in this shot.

This is another shot from the Fire Tower Lookout.

This is the actual old Fire Tower structure that the rangers would climb up.

The Cupola originally sat on top of the Fire Tower, but they’ve brought it down so that the public can see it more closely, and use it as another vantage point for viewing the surrounding area.

The new lookout facility is built beside the old Fire Tower.

Another view through the new lookout facility.

This shot from the Cupola shows Elliot Lake in the distance.

Sherriff Creek, the biggest swamp I’ve ever seen.

If there is such a creature as The Swamp Thing, it would live here.

The trail into the swamp.

This area is a hiker and backpacker’s paradise.  There are miles and miles of trails into the surrounding wilderness.  Most of them are old logging or mining roads, which usually have gates on them so that you can’t drive in, but walking in is permitted.


5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Paul on July 11, 2011 at 10:31 am

    Nice area. Driven by lots of times but never stopped. Hope you’re not camping beside that swamp! There will be monsters all right but they’d have wings and a sharp pointed straw for a mouth!! If it helps, my camera has a tint adjustment in the options menu, but you may have to take the pic and edit it later.

    Just wondering, will you, or have you already started hunting, fishing or trapping for food? Just curious because there’s lots of tips and recipies online.



  2. What kind of Camera is it Al? I’ve seen lots of different “blue tint” issues on everything from Droid phones to Digital SLR’s. Sometimes it’s the Auto setting with the Sun, sometimes it’s the LED flash.

    I bet there are some big bass in that swamp!


    • Hey Mike;

      It’s an Olympus UZ800. I haven’t really put a lot of time into learning the different functions yet. These new cameras are like computers, there are so many variables. Ya, it’s probably just a simple setting somewhere. I did read a lot of reviews on this camera, and they suggested to read the manual carefully, but I haven’t done that yet.
      This whole area seems pretty good for fishing. I haven’t gone fishing in years, and I was thinking about getting my license, but first you need to get an outdoors card, and then the license, and then you need to check the Regulations, which are extensive. What happened to the days of just picking up your rod, and heading down to the lake? Maybe I’ll just wait until I”m 65, so I won’t need a license.


  3. I JUST got my fishing license Al. I had not been fishing for years either, but my kids wanted to do it, so off we went.

    If you buy the “in year” license, it’s $25 and includes the outdoors card (which you get later). The regulations are that bad… You would buy a conservation license, and away you go. The only real regulation is watch for the seasons… but Bass is end of June to November, so you are good. 😉

    I had not done it in a while, but it sure is relaxing. Of course, I let almost all of them go… but it’s still nice. Except when I’m running between kids to put new worms on the hooks.

    If you decide to do it, any Service Ontario location can do it. Once you have the card you can renew online. You can learn how to filet the fish on YouTube.


    PS… I Googled your camera and Blue Tint. Most people said to play with the “white” setting or even switch it to Auto Correct.


    • Hey Mike;

      Thanks for the info on fishing licenses. Ya, I did a bit of research into it myself. I guess I’m just a bit disappointed in the way things are so regulated now, in comparison to when I was a kid. Slowly but surely, everything will become so regulated that all the fun will be taken out of it. Oh well, no sense in resisting the inevitable.

      Ya, I’ll try playing around with the settings on the camera at some point. I will also read the manual at some point too. I’m sure I’ll get it working properly when I decide to actually try. I don’t really put my mind into too many things these days, especially technical stuff. I have a new ipod that can do all kinds of things, but I just can’t be bothered learning how to do them. Does that mean I’m getting old?


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