The Unexpected Way

Quite often I will repeat that I never make plans.  This is very important to understand, because we humans get a certain ‘safe’ feeling from ‘thinking’ that we know what lies in the future.  The fact is, I never know what I’m going to do, until I actually do it.  Everything depends on how I feel at that particular moment, so even I don’t know what choices I will make before I make them.

I made this point in the very first ‘Welcome’ post, but I know that words are sometimes not enough, because we all filter words through our own set of beliefs, and conditioning, which results in a distortion of the intended meaning.

When I try to explain to people, what it is that I’m doing, they will almost always jump to conclusions that fit their own way of thinking.  This creates a disconnect between what they ‘think’, and what might eventually happen.  As I’ve said before, I created as many options as I could, so that my choices would not be so limited, if life happened to take me in a different direction.

Just about a month before I was to leave on what many people were calling a ‘trip’, because that’s what they’ve been conditioned to see this as, another possibility came to my attention.  Up to this point, I had felt that I was heading out to BC, which may still happen, I don’t know.  However, for now I am stopped in the small northern Ontario town of Elliot Lake.  I made a spur of the moment choice, as I always do, and I’m not sure how all this will unfold, but that’s life.  I’ll just take it one day at a time, or more correctly, one moment at a time.

I’m creating this post ahead of time, since, at this moment, I don’t have internet access, but I will have access in a few days.  I did take a lot of pictures, but I wasn’t happy with the way they turned out.  Maybe I’m just not used to the adjustments on this new camera that I have.  I will certainly try again, to see if I can appropriately capture the beauty of this area.  There is tons of Crown Land in this area, and much of it is accessible, with small dirt roads snaking into the wilderness all along the highway.  I will be looking to explore some of these entry points, and hike some of the many wilderness trails established in the area of Elliot Lake.

Part of the reason that I’m choosing to stay in this area for now, is gas prices.  Although I’ve been getting quite good gas mileage from the Expedition, which has a 5.4 litre V8, it does still use a fair amount of gas.  I knew that this might be a problem when I left, but not leaving was not an option I felt I had.  Also, Elliot Lake is not all that far from the US border at Sault Ste. Marie, which gives me the possible option of crossing there, and heading down to the American southwest, without having to incur the additional gas expenses of going to BC first.  But PLEASE, keep in mind, this is not a ‘plan’, it’s just an option that I felt was worthwhile having, so I’ve added it to my bag of tricks, so to speak.

I’m going to be making complimentary posts under the heading ‘presently living’, which will go into more detail about why I’m doing things the way that I’m doing them.  I’m trying to keep this section for what’s actually happening, and the ‘presently living’ section for, how I live life.  I understand that maybe not everyone will get the message, or maybe no one will, but I enjoy doing it, so that’s really what all this is about.  Keep in mind; this has nothing to do with religious beliefs, or any other beliefs for that matter.  It’s just how life is, not only for me, but for everyone, even if they don’t know it.


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