Silent Sunshine

I’ve updated my solar page with information on all the solar power generating options that I have available.  It’s not exactly a matched set, since I’ve collected some of these components over the years, but it’s what I have, so it’s what I will be using.

Having more than one power source is always a good idea, and I will have alternator charging, solar charging, and shore power charging available to me, with the way I set things up.  One thing I won’t have is a generator, and I’m not all that disappointed about it.  Having a generator requires that you carry fuel for it, which is something that I don’t have room for, and I don’t really want to carry it anyways.  Also, generators make noise.  I know that there are newer portable models, like Honda and Yamaha, that are reasonably quiet, but they’re not as silent as sunshine.

Yep, there will be times when the sun don’t shine, and I’m well aware of that, but, if I can’t get my batteries charged at some point, then I’ll just wait.  It can’t stay cloudy forever.  I’m not on any timetable or schedule to get something done.  I see having power as a luxury, not a necessity.  The world is not going to come to an end, if I can’t charge my batteries.

Anyway, now that I have my solar page updated, I do, in fact, have information on all my pages now, so I may not post as much for a while, until I have something more to say, but I’m always working away in the background, on some related issue.


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