In the flow…

I’m making some great progress in updating my blog this week.  I have now updated both the daycamp page, and the fullcamp page, with a sub-page on the fullcamp page.  When you hover your cursor over the fullcamp heading, you will see another sub-heading appear.  You can either click on fullcamp, for those details, or click on the sub-heading for those details.

As I’m explaining all this, I try to interject real life into it, not just monochromatic details.  I do this because this ‘is’ real life, the life that I’m living, and I want that to come across in my writing. This will become more apparent as I encounter, and share, the eternal moment of my life experiences as they happen.

Now that I have information under all the headings on my blog, I will probably slow down just a bit, and get a feel for where else I want to go with this…….just waiting for the natural flow.

Edit;  Oh ya, I forgot about my solar heading.  I will work on that one next.  I have to take some pics of my solar stuff first.


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