Moving right along…….

There’s a big winter storm moving in as I write this post, so this seems to be the perfect moment to take some time and update my progress.

I’ve added a new page in the header bar titled ‘presently living’.  I considered starting a second blog for this subject, but it’s so interweaved with all that I’m doing, and ultimately, all that really matters, and I felt it would tie things together, presenting the ‘bigger picture’ of life as I live it.

Today, I will be working on getting the RoadArk page updated.  This will be a fairly in-depth project, since I put much effort into designing and building this unit, to make life on the road more practical, and enjoyable.  I designed and built the RoadArk in my small apartment, with just my hand tools, and rechargeable power tools.  Most people, who are reasonably handy, could reproduce what I’ve done, but this is a specific use item, it’s not meant to be an all-purpose ‘one size fits a all’ piece of equipment.  It suits my purposes, with the vehicle that I have available.  It won’t work for everyone.

Having said that, it will work for those who have the carrying capacity, and the proper hitch mount, if the idea should pique your interest.  There still remains a most important factor, and that is the actual road test.  This will be done on the fly, since I live on the 3rd floor, with no elevators, and I’m not about to drag this thing all the way down those stairs, just to see how it looks and feels on the truck.

Some might see that as foolish, or not advisable, but I have faith that my design will fly, and this will not be the first time that I’ve let my faith in, ‘whatever will be, will be’, guide the things that I choose to do.  I know that this doesn’t guarantee anything, but whatever happens, I’ll be just fine.

I’ll be putting up tons of pictures, with explanations of what I did, and why I did it that way.  Again, these kinds of things are always subject to one’s perspective, and views on suitability, or functionality, may differ.  Comments are certainly welcome.  It’s important to remember that all perspectives have a certain amount of truth to them.

So, without further delay, I shall get to work.


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