Downloads Away!!

Today, I have updated the campsites page.  It was a major project that I was working on for some time now.  My database for campsites, and other locations, is now available for download, and you can read all about it on the campsites page.  I can’t take credit for all of those locations, because most of them are available on the internet.  But, if you wanted to find them, you would have your hands full, because they are all over the place.  Another thing is that many of them are in different formats, so I had to do a lot of file converting.

Anyway, that project is now under control, so I’m thinking that I might tackle the RoadArk project next.  I’ll need to get some pictures up, and I’m considering putting up some plans to build it, but I’m not sure what the demand for such plans would be.  After all, the RoadArk was designed to my own personal specifications, and needs, which may not match those of many others.  I don’t know.  What I’ll probably end up doing, is just putting up a description and pictures, and then wait to see if there is any interest in plans to build it.

I like to let things develop in a natural way, not forced, or over-analysed.  Whatever flows easily, is usually the path I will take.  Sometimes that means waiting for the natural flow to happen, and we humans don’t like ‘wasting time’ do we?  Well, both of those words, ‘wasting’, and ‘time’, are just a matter of perspective.  If you look at them from a broader perspective, you might see that ‘wasting’ is irrelevant, and ‘time’ only matters to the human mind, since that is where it was created.  Animals don’t care what time it is.  They don’t even care about what’s going to happen next.  They live in the perpetual moment.  We can learn a lot from animals and our natural environment, if we’re open to it.



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