As the snow falls

It looks like the winter has now arrived, and as the snow is falling outside, I’m working, off and on, at making improvements to my RoadArk, and also, I have designed and built, what I will call, my MiniArk. It will be used for times when I can’t use my daycamp setup, and I have to cook inside the truck.  I will give details about that project on the RoadArk page.

As I go along, I’m constantly researching what others have done, not only to see if I might be able to apply those ideas to my situation, but also because I’m just interested in this way of life.  Living out of, or in, a vehicle, which can move very easily from place to place, seems to fit my life situation at the moment.  There are not too many more experiences in life that I would find appealing, since I’ve had a very fulfilling life to this point.  Travelling and seeing other places that I’ve never seen before is not really an essential experience, but then again, what experience is absolutely essential.  However, it is on my like to do, feels good list, and there are always new places to see.  I’ve been in some pretty magnificent places, and that feeling you get when you’re standing in the presence of an awesome natural space, is always the same, so I have done that, but, it’s something like sex, you always seem to want more. 🙂

There are, of course, many experiences that one may not want more of.  I’ve never found myself wishing that I had worked more, or I have never been put in jail, not that there’s much difference between the two. 🙂  I certainly got my share of working, and, as far as jail goes, it’s not an experience that’s on my like to do, feels good list, and I’m willing to accept the general consensus that it doesn’t feel good.

So, anyway, as I continue with my preparations for possibilities, my intentions are to, update the blog with new information, but also, to fill in the missing information, with details and pictures, of, not only the physical process, but also, what one might call, the internal evolution of a way of being.  So, it will seem that there are two distinct parts to this blog, but, in fact, it is all one journey.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Paul on December 13, 2010 at 3:50 pm

    This is the kind of programming that I would tune into faithfully on Travel or Discovery! Can’t wait for pics and vids!
    Bon Voyage


    • Hey Wally;

      Thanks for the comment. You are officially the first commenter on my new blog. Ya, I’ll get to putting up lots more stuff as I go along. I have a lot of irons in the fire at the moment, so I have to put things in a priority line. Just keep checking back now and then.


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