Now we begin!

And what other time could we possibly begin, than now.  The present moment is as good as any, in fact, there is no other time.  The old saying, “if you don’t do it now, you’ll never do it.”  is truer than most people think.

This blog will be from “my” perspective.  That’s sort of a disclaimer, right up front, so that I don’t unintentionally step on anyone elses toes.  We all have our own unique ways of looking at things, and doing things.  Right and wrong don’t exist here, just what worked, or is working for me.

Although the title of this blog is PresentlyTravelling, I’m actually not travelling yet, but the road is calling, and I’m making preparations for the possibility that PresentlyTravelling will be a reality.  I don’t actually make plans, I just do what feels good at the moment, and right now, life is showing me that it wants me to hit the road, and that feels good to me.

I’ve always really liked the feeling of going somewhere.  It didn’t matter what my destination was, it was just the act of going that seemed to satisfy me.  I guess I could say that I didn’t like getting up at 4:30am on a cold, snowy morning and fighting my way into work.   However, I did that for almost 40 years, partly out of what I thought was necessity, but also, partly because I was still lost in a way that most of us have to go through to find out who we really are.

Now, at nearly 60 years old, I feel that I will be beginning a new adventure in, what has already been, a very fulfilling life.  Humans were originally hunters and gatherers, with a very nomadic lifestyle.  They would follow a path that they felt would satisfy them, in pursuit of sustenance, and adventure.   They weren’t tied down to any one place.  They were free to go wherever they pleased, although, at times, they might run into resistance from other groups, or the natural environment.  Freedom has certainly changed a lot since those days, hasn’t it?

As our freedoms, in this world of form, seem to be dwindling, and the walls are ever encroaching on our personal space, it is still possible to regain some of that lost nomadic lifestyle that our predecessors had.  In fact, we can do it with a bit more style because of advancements in technology.

In this blog, I will be telling you, and showing you, how I went about taking back some of the freedoms that we’ve all lost in what we see as “progress” in our human civilisation.  I invite anyone who cares to follow “my progress” in getting back to a simpler way of living, and at the same time, a more enjoyable and adventurous lifestyle, to join me.  Although we can never be as free in our world of form as we once were, there are still opportunities available to most of us that might seem a little outside of “the norm”.  Still,  they offer a chance to break out of those encroaching walls of conformity, and once again feel that you alone control your destiny.


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